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Nikiforova Anna, designer


Nikiforova Anna was born 14.05.77 in Cheboksary

In 2004 Has finished the Nizhniy Novgorod state architecturally-building university on a speciality design of interiors.
The same year the participant of the international competition of the best senior thesises on specialities « design and architecture » in a the Orel. The beginning of creative activity as artist on an interior and the artist of arts and crafts. Works in ceramics and an art list on a fabric.
2005 A-personal exhibition in a Cheboksary.
The beginning of teaching activity at the Nizhniy Novgorod state architecturally-building university as the teacher of art ceramics.
2006-an exhibition together with J.Nikiforov in a Cheboksary.
2007-Participant in festival of design "Arrow" in a Nizhni Novgorod. The third seat in a nomination « an inhabited interior ».
It is accepted to the international association of the union of designers.
2008 And 2010г.-participation in work of the international symposiums on ceramic art «Dialogue-2008» and «Dialogue-2010» in Latvia.
2010-the participant 2nd the Shanghai international exhibition of modern ceramic art in a Shanghai, China.
2011 - an exhibition of "Impression" in a Cheboksary together with J.Nikiforov.


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