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Arif Aziz , designer


Asis Arif Mokhub Ali was born 1943 in Baku .

1957-1962- Graduated Baku state art school of Azim Azimzadeh
1966-1971- Graduated from the university of Graph Strogonov, on the field of graphic design
1971- He had experience at the University of Polonya on the field of Graphic design 1971- Began his activity as a teacher at the University of Culture and Art
1973-1975- Lessons of drawing and painting on the art Academy of SSCB. Experienced on the Mikayil Abduayev’s and Kibrik’s studio.
1975- The member of Artists Union of Azerbaijan
1978- Participated on the competition of youth- diploma, medal
1981- The member of Designers Union of Azerbaijan
1985- “Honourable mark” order
1991- Azerbaijan State University of Art and Culture. The prorector in the field of painting and decorative applied art faculties.
1991- He opened his private company “Aysel art-design”
1992- Azerbaijan Government titular him as a national artist.
1992- He was the vice president of the Azerbaijan Culture Assemble “Simurg”
1992- Professor
1995- The vice president of Azerbaijan Advertisement Union
1997- Member of the International advertisement assemble in the Washington
2002-2004- During these years he gave the advertise-design lessons to the master students.
2003-2005- “Beynelhalk”(International) University
2005-2007- He was invited to the Beyken University (Turkey). During these set of time he taught on the department of drawing.
Arif Aziz Beyaz had significant trace in the history of Azerbaijan State University of Art and Culture. He is the Professor of that University. Still nowadays he works there.

1970- Exhibition of Azerbaijan youths-Baku
1970- International youth exhibition-Moscow
1970- Republic exhibition of youth of Azerbaijan-Baku
1972- International youth exhibition- diploma, Moscow
1972- Exhibition of theatre artists- Moscow
1972- Republic exhibition by the topic “Azerbaijan is our native country”
1973- Youth union of Azerbaijan, exhibition by the topic “Friendship”- second place-Baku
1973- “Art and sport” exhibition in Azerbaijan
1973- International graphic competition- first place- Livonia, Vilnius
1973- Artist Union- diploma, Baku
1976- Work experience in the country of BAM, Baykal-Amur
1977- “Exhibition BAM-76” –diploma, Baku
1977- Karma exhibitions on the Italy, Madagascar and Ethiopia
1977- Organization by the artist union SSCB exhibition by the topic BAM-76-diploma, Moscow
1978- International exhibition – first place, diploma, Belarus, Moscow
1981- Private exhibition in Shrilanka, Colombo
1981- During 6 months, he actively worked and opened exhibitions in Madras-Akra-Bombay and Delhi- diplomas
1983- Took participation on the exhibition in Senegal- Dekar’da by the topic “Baku day’s”
1984- Private exhibition in Moscow – Russia, by the organization of Senegal’s Embassy.
1985- Caucasian biennale- second place
1985- He took proposal from the Government of Azerbaijan to create the images of 40 famous persons. He decided to realize it with engraving – diplomas
1986- Private exhibitions in Dekar’da –Senegal, invitation by the Valinin.
1987- Private exhibition in the gallery of youth -Moscow
1989- Drawing biennale between the countries around the Caspian Sea, he realized it with the graphic works-first place
1993- Private exhibition in Germany-Bochum-diploma
1993- Private exhibitions in the Iran-Tebriz and Tehran- special diplomas from the municipality
1996-1997- Private exhibitions in “Beyogly municipal art gallery” –Istanbul, Turkey
1997- Took invitation to the International art exhibition- Ankara, Turkey
1998- Karma exhibition “Azerbaijan days in France”, France
1999- Karma exhibition “Azerbaijan days in Finland”, Finland
2000- Invitation to the exhibitions and symposium in the Sparta and Ankara “Turkish world”
2000- Karma exhibition in America-Washington “Azerbaijan days”
2001- After long interruption in his creative carrier, he produced his works again in the native country-Baku
2002- International art exhibition-Ankara, Turkey
2002- Invitation to the International “Asian art biennale”- Bangladesh
2003- Due to the 40 years of hard way in the creative life. Private exhibition with celebrating his 60 anniversary. Azerbaijan Art Union and Azerbaijan University of Art and Culture
2004 –Invitation to the International exhibition- Ankara, Turkey
2005- Exhibition by the organization of France’s Embassy- Baku
2005-2007- He worked at the Beykent University, Turkey
2006- He was elected as an Ambassador for peace
2008- Exhibition “Turkish days in Azerbaijan”- Baku

Museums: Works are keeping in the following museums: Azerbaijan State Meseum of Art, Moscow North Art Museum, Senegal State Art Museum, Tebriz Shaxriyar State museum.
Collection: Artist’s works are collection of following countries: Unites Satetes of America, Turkey, Moscow, Hungary, Iran, Shrilanka, India, Finland and in Azerbaijan.


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