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Valeriy Chebotkin , artist


Chebotkin Valeriy Aleksandrovich born on 18 September, 1960 in Yoshkar-Ola,
Mari El, Russia.

In 1977-1981 studied in Yoshkar-Ola Art School. His teachers were I.Isakov, G.Taygildin and A.Egorov.
In 1982 entered Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.Repin and got a degree with distinction in 1990. Leading teachers there were S.Repin, N.Suzdaleva, professors V.Sokolov, L.Khudyakov and V.Rudnev. Awarded with a golden medal of Ministry of Cultural Affairs of USSR for his diploma work "Dedicated to the Wives of Decembrists".
From 1983 till 1985 served in air force army.
In 1990-1993 studied in a painting workshop at Russian Academy of Arts in Kazan under the guidance of Kh.Yakupov, a people's artist of USSR, active member of Russian Academy of Arts.
From 1993 till 2005 worked as teacher of special disciplines at Yoshkar-Ola Art School.
From 1994 till 1999 was director of the school.
Since 2005 has been working as associate professor of art department at Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I.Yakovlev.

Valeryi Chebotkin has been a member of Union of Artists of Russia since 1995, winner of the State Prize of Mari El named after A.Grigoriev (2001), awarded with Diploma of Russian Academy of Arts (2005). Hovoured Artist of Republic Mari El (2011).
Valeryi Chebotkin works in all the genres of easel painting: still-life painting, landscape, portrait, easel painting. His main works include the following: "Decembrists" (1989-1990), "Dedicated to the Wives of Decembrists" (1989-1990), "Ascension" (1991), "Actress Irina Alferova" (1991), "Love and Power" (1992-1993), "April" (1992), "My Friends" (2000), "Flowers of His Childhood" (Artist P.Malinin) (2001), "Deep in Siberia's Mines..." (1994-2004), "The Standing of Patriarch Germogen for the Faith and the Motherland" (2004-2007).
Valeryi Chebotkin has participated in 20 exhibitions of various levels and has held a few personal ones: in Moscow (2003), in Yoshkar-Ola (1994, 2001, 2005, 2010), in volzhsk (2000), in Kozmodemyansk (2005).

His works can be found in museums and private collections in Russia, USA, France, and Poland.


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