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Erol Kılıc , artist


Erol Kılıc born 1961 in Kayseri-Turkey.

1985 – “Graduation”, The Painting Department of Education Faculty of Uludağ University.
1991 - 1993- ‘Teaching Assistant’, Atatürk Üniversity.
1991 - “Suffecciency in art”, Selçuk University, Social Sciences Institute.
1992 - “Master of Art Degree” Gazi University, Socil Sciences Institute, Department of Painting.
1993 - ‘Assistant Professor’, The Deparment of Painting of The Fine Arts Faculty. 2001 - “Doctorate”, The Department of Art Historian of the Social Siciences Enstitute of the Atatürk University.
1996 - He made research and examine in the more than 20 museums in Germany, Holland and France.
2000 - He has been in Germany to study research education programs of The Fine Arts Academies and Fine Arts High Scholls.
2003 - He stayed three months in Nürnberg according to artist Exchange Program due the city- brother hood agreemnet between Antalya and Nürnberg, There he performed artist works and made reaserches about many subjects. Artist has alot of awards.
In 2010, he was admitted to membership in the World’s Academy of Arts.

Competıtıve Exhıbıtıons
1997 - 58th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition - Ankara - Istanbul - Izmir.
1998 - 10th Traditional Monopoly Painting Contest Exhibition - Istanbul - Ankara - Izmir.
2002 – 33th DYO Competition Exhibition - Istanbul, Izmir, Edirne, Ankara, Turkey.
2003 - Art Festival in Antalya - Antalya, Turkey.
2004 - 65th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition - Ankara - Istanbul - Izmir.
2006 – 5th Bursa Sefik Paintings - Ankara, Turkey.
2007 – 68th State and Art Exhibition, Izmir and Istanbul.
2008 - "8th Şefik Burasalı Art Competition Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey.
2008 – 33th DYO Competition Exhibition - Istanbul, Izmir, Edirne, Ankara, Turkey.

Other Exhıbıtıons
1996 -  The Exhibition of Teaching Assistants, Turkish Consulate Exhibition Hall - Naçivan.
2000 -  The Mixed Painting Exhibition of İnternational Turkish World, Culture Centre-Isparta
2005 -  Arkeo Art Painting Exhibition- Nürnberg- Germany.
2006 -  Mixed Painting Exhibition – Nürnberg- Germany.
2008 -   The Artists from Antalya Painting Exhibition- Nürnberg- Germany.
2010 -  Mixed Painting Exhibition “East and West Meeting”– Nürnberg- Germany.


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