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Georgiy Fomiryakov, artist


Fomiryakov Georgiy Gennadyevich – painter, graphic artist – was born in 1957,
May 9 in City of Cheboksary, Russia.

In 1983 he finished Art and Graphic faculty of the Pedagogical Institute in Cheboksary.
In 1985-88 he learned Art at the workshop of professor Ilyushhenko in Moscow.

He participated in Art exhibitions:
- All Russia Art Students’ exhibition (Moscow, 1982).
- Regional Art exhibition “Great Volga River (Cheboksary, 1985).
- All Russia Art exhibition “The Youth of Russia” (Moscow, 1986) and some other Russian and international Art exhibitions.
He exhibited in the Tretyakov’s Gallery, the Academy of Arts in Moscow as well.
In 1989 hе won the 1-st prize of Chuvash Republic Artists’ Union for young artists.
In 1989-92 he was the arranger and the executive of “The Center of national culture”.
Since 1990 he is a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
He was a participant to the artistic expedition of Russian painters into the Himalayas in 1994, Tunisia - in 2002. His was the idea and he moderated the international Exhibition of contemporary Art “White Chuvashia 2000” with the financial support of the International fund for culture.

Georgiy Fomiryakov's works belong to the National Art Museum in Cheboksary, are to be found in the Center of Contemporary Art (Samara), in the Museum of the Contemporary Art of the Academy of Arts in Moscow. Some belong to the private collections in Russia, as well - in the countries of Europe, in India and the Arab Emirates too.
Georgiy Fomiryakov established an experimental studio – Art Gallery “Hom Arek” in his native village of Chiganary (Chuvash Republik), Russia

Concept of creative activities by Fomiryakov Georgiy (Kennin Kerry):
Artist came to the creating of a new trend in the Arts, consonant to Etnofuturism and Receptualism. He had started with the basic studies of contemporary Art and went on using new findings in Psychology, mostly in the perception of color. He experimented much in Painting, seeking for the root meaning of ancient runas and Chuvash folk’s symbols.
In his Art activities Futurism, Ethnics and Runic Symbolism interlaced and it manifested creating a new united harmonious cloth. Ethnosystem, Ethnoculture and Ecology moved him harmoniously to the the Metaethnics and Humanism. That is the purpose and the task of his creative laboratory, where Ethnics comes out as the start of his Artistic existence.
Artist built up his studio – art gallery “Hom Arek”, his laboratory to study Art and conduct test in formation of the new language of Painting. The Gallery harmoniously fit into the landscape of his native village. Here he connects up some original elements of intuitive, theoretical and natural views into the further development of Art.


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