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Vasiliy Makhnovich, artist


Makhnovich Vasiliy Sergeyevich was born in Chelyabinsk in 1976.

1992-1995 he studied at the Abramtsevo Arts and Crafts College named after Vasnetsov M.V., after which he got the calker-printmaker-jeweler specialization.

In 1996 he entered the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin I.E. (full-time), the faculty of painting. Being a third-year student, he was accepted in Professor Kichko’s S.D. workshop of easel painting. The thesis work titled “Legend” finished his studies in the Academy in 2003.
From 1996 to 2003 he participated in the review-exhibitions in the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin I. E., in the Union of Artists Exhibitions in St. Petersburg, in the Thesis Exhibition in the Central exhibition hall of St. Petersburg.
There was published the Catalog in 2006: Mahnovich Vasiliy “Painting. Graphics.
1993-2005”, including 300 works of graphics and painting.
In October 2007 there was organized the one-man exhibition “Painting. Graphics” in “Kamennii poyas” gallery of Chelyabinsk.
Since 2003 till present time he has been doing artistic wall painting (interior and frontage), artistic ceiling painting. In particular, participated in “Lanselot”, “Fort-Ross” restaurants' (St. Petersburg), offices', private houses', swimming-pools' painting (St.Peresburg, Sestroretsk, Balashiha, Fryazino). He also carries out orders from individuals and organizations concerning creating of paintings on canvas and paper: complex compositions, landscapes, portraits, graphics.
He lives in Moscow Region at the present time.


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