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Vasiliy Mezer, artist


Mezer Vasiliy Vasilyevich born on October, 16, 1948 in the town of Bogoroditsk of the Tula region.
In 1966 after leaving a secondary school entered the Yaroslavl Regional School of Art and successfully finished it in 1973.
Since 1973 to 1976 worked as an artist - decorator at factories and as an artist in Kalmyk art - industrial workshops.
Since 1976 to 1982 studied at the Faculty of Graphic Art at Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov.
Since 1982 to 1985 trained in Creative workshops of the USSR Vereisky.
Since 1985 worked at Ivanovo creative - industrial complex of Art Fund of RSFSR.
1994 - Docent of the Faculty of Architectural Design at Ivanovo State University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. 25 articles on the theory of fine arts have been published by Ivanovo and Moscow publishing houses.
Since 1996 to 2001 - director of Ivanovo Regional Art School.
1985 - member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Several times was elected to be a member of the board of Ivanovo organization of the Union of Artists of Russia and a member of Expert Council.
Since 1975 - participant of Art Exhibitions in Russia and abroad. During these years a lot of creative trips were made to Houses of Creative Work across the central and northern areas of Russia, to Caucasus and Far East.
1989 - one of the organizers of the creative group, the basic motto in creativity of which was plastic and spiritual organization of a work of art - «double transformation». For almost 20 years this group has been carrying out summer open-airs in the town of Hvalynsk in the Saratov Region.
1979 - Diploma of II degree at the All-Russian Competition on Art of the Book
1989 - Letter of Gratitude of Board of the Soviet Fund of Culture
1999 - the winner of the Regional Prize on Fine Arts named after M.I. Malyutin.
2003 - a Certificate of Honour of the Governor of the Ivanovo Region and the Diploma of the Russian Union of Artists.
2006 - «The Honoured Artist of Russia»
2008 г. – was admitted to membership in the World’s Academy of Arts.

His works can be found in Ivanovo Art Museum, in Saratov State Art Museum named after Radischev, in the Picture Gallery of the town of Surgut, in Art and Pedagogical Toys Museum of the Russian Education Academy in the town of Sergiev Posad, as well as in private collections in Russia, Germany, France and other countries.


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