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Naghdali Khalilov, artist


Khalilov Naghdali Khalil OgliWas born on May, 28,1946 in Armenia in the village of Sardzhalar of Kamarli district.

In 1972 finished Azima Azimzade art school in Baku.
In 1980 graduated from the Art Academy in Georgia specialized in painting.
Since 1984 – Member of the Artists Union of USSR.
Since 1992 - Member of the Artists Union of Azerbajdzhan.
December 1993 - First personal exhibition in Baku devoted to the Day of World Union of Azerbajdzhan people.
1996 - Second personal exhibition devoted to his fiftieth birthday.
May 2006 - Third personal exhibition in the honor of his sixtieth birthday.
2007 - Personal exhibition in Turkey, in «NEFIRTITI" gallery.
Participated in many exhibitions held in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Korea and other Arabian and Transcaucasian countries.

Halilov’s works are stored in private collections.
There are also mural paintings in various hotels of Turkey:
1998 – Bodrum, hotel “IS-IS “
2001 – Antalya hotel "PORTO BELLO",
2002-2003 -  Manavgat, hotel"МELLAS".




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