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Tatyana Petrova, stylist


Petrova Tatyana Ivanovna, Member of the Union of Russia's artists, was born in 13.02.1952

Tatyana Petrova received a wide fame and public recognition due to her tireless work in developing Chuvash national embroidery.
In 1973 after graduating from Moscow Arts and Industry College named after M.I.Kalinin she returned to the Chuvash Republic. At that time Chuvash national embroidery made at the factory “Pakha Tere» was appreciated at exhibitions and was popular with people. Subtle artistic flair and solid education helped T.I. Petrova in comprehension of Chuvash pattern's mysteries. Large complex patterns and bright contrast colors are inherent to the products made at the «Paha Tere» factory.
In 1991 she graduated from the Moscow State Academy of the sphere of life and services, the faculty of decorative and applied arts. Significant place in T.I. Petrova's creativity is occupied by the work in the field of modern fashion; moreover the artist tries to expand her opportunities by actively introducing new technologies. Addressing to the traditions of the Chuvash national costume and studying cultural masterpieces of the nation stimulates the artist to create expressive folk collections. Tunes of the ornamental patterns and coloring of age-old shirts, ritual robes and head gears are used in them.
Since 1974 her works have been presented at prestigious art and industry exhibitions in Chuvashia, Moscow, Leningrad, Kazan and abroad- in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, German, Iraq etc. Time and again she was awarded with prizes, awards and medals. She is also a participant of various Russian, zonal and union art exhibitions: «Sovetskaya Rossia», «Bolshaya Volga», «Po rodnoy strane».
In 1983 she became a member of the Union of the Russian artists and in 1999 she received the title of an Honored artist of the Chuvash Republic. Significant place in her creativity is occupied by work in the field of modern fashion. While carrying out her podium collections she uses unaccustomed combinations of new fabrics with traditional embroidery, applique' works, coin needlework and beading.
In 1998 this activity was marked with the title «Modeler of the year» and with the 1st prize in the republic contest «Hymn to the beauty».
In 1999 she was a prize-winner of the interregional competition «Serebranaya Nit'». She has also been a participant of all regional exhibitions «Bolshaya Volga» since 1980.
T.I. Petrova is a participant of the exhibitions of Russian national art crafts: «Ladya -2002», «Ladya-2003», «Ladya-2005», «Ladya-2007».

Moreover she is the winner in the nomination «For saving traditions of the national art», «Ladya-2008». Tatyana Pertrova is a participant of the exhibition «Russian national art» in 2008 in Vologda and Russian art exhibition in Moscow, 2009. She demonstrated her skill at the Festival of Russian culture in Japan in June, 2009 and her works had a great success at the international exhibition «Folk art market» in Santa Fe, the USA in July, 2009.



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