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Dmitriy Sandzhiev, artist


Sandzhiev Dmitriy Nikitich was born in 1949 on 31st of October in the family of artists in Novosi­birsk, Russia.

1970-1974 Studied and defended his diploma cum laude at the faculty of decoration of Yaroslavl Fine Art School. Participated in the repub­lic exhibition "Soviet Kalmykia".
11975-1981 Studied and defended his diploma cum laude in Moscow State Fine Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, the graphic department lead by professors N.A.Ponomarev and B.A.Uspenskiy.
Participated in the all-Russian exhibitions.
1981 Defended his diploma thesis - the series of graphic lists "Sheepherdsman's widow". Six lists from this series were purchased by the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, USSR), the rest three lists were added to the Faber-Castel (Nurnberg, Germany).
1981-1984 Studied and successfully finished the post graduate course in the creative workshops of Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR under the leadership of academic O.G. Vereiskiy.
1982 Was awarded the 1st prize by the Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League during the exhibition of young graphics artists (Moscow, the USSR) and the prize by Faber-Castel company during the 2nd International triennial of pictures in Nurnberg (Germany).
1984 Became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (now the Union of Artists of Russia).
1985 Participated in the charitable auction of Sotheby's "Operation Smile". The artist's work was awarded a medal and diploma of Russian Academy of Arts.
1999 Received a certificate for the best exposition during the World Fine Art Fair in Shanghai (China).
2001 Was elected as a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
2002 The artist's picturesque poliptych "Cleft time" dedicated to the tragic event of 11th of September 2001 was presented to the USA Congress on 26th of September and it was accepted by the speak­er of Congress G. Denis Master
2003 Presented to the Republic of Kalmykia 4 pictur­esque work: diptych "Visit", "Battle with itself, "Parade of Prometheuses" and 21 graphic works from the series "Sheep-herdsman's widow", "Movie is being shot", "Dreams", "Dumb ani­mals". His constant exhibition was organized in the Central Palace of Chess in Chess-City (Kalmykia) and in Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Kalmykia.
1974-2005 Participated in more than 110 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The artist's works can be found in such famous museums as the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Museum of East, State Russian Museum, in the world famous collection of Ludwig (Germany) in the collection of Faber-Castel (Nurnberg, Germany), Metropolitan Museum (USA), Museum of Modern Art in Moscow and also in a lot of other muse­ums, galleries and private collections in Russia and abroad.



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