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Viktor Zubkov, architect


Zubkov Viktor Vasilyevich born in 1948 in Daugavpils (Latvia), graduated from Gorky Construction and Engineering Institute, specializing in "architecture" in 1972 and post-graduate from Moscow Institute of Architecture, speciality "architecture" (department of civil construction) in 1980.
1972-1974 - chief architect in project institute "Giprorechtrans".
1974-1976 - architect-artist in production studio at association of artists of Russia.
1971 - up tu present - pedagogical activity in Nizhny Novgorod University of Architecture and Construction, as an assistant, assistant professor, professor, dean of architectural department of above mentioned University.
1989 - up to present - chief architect and the head of project organizations such as "Architectural construction organization Interstyle" and "Zubkov's architectural workshop".

Zubkov V.V. - member of association of architects of Russia, professor, doctor of architecture, director of architectural construction organization "Interstyle" and "Zubkov's architectural workshop", member of city construction council of Nizhny Novgorod, a member of directorate in Nizhny Novgorod department of artists and architects of Russia;
besides he is a member of regional board of Hesis presentation for scientific degrees.

Zubkov V.V. - the author of more then 200 buildings and project of civil construction and multi-stored blocks of flats as well as other construction objects; he is the laureate of Nizhny Novgorod reward in architecture and Russian festivals "Architecture" ("Zodchestvo").
Zubkov V.V. is awarded to 2 minion medals of  Architecture and Construction; hi is a winner of international contest in Paris for the best project of reconstruction of capital cities (Moscow).
Zubkov V.V. - the author of 4 inventions on new types of spatial casings, a beholder of more then 50 scientific papers on architecture of form construction of stereometric casings, among them 2 monographs on architecture of new type of long-stretched bays architectural casings, which are the innovation of the author.




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