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Yury Nikiforov, artist, designer


Silov Anatoly Aleksandrovich birth 20 May 1938 in the village of Yandashevo, Chuvash Republic, Russia.

1959 – awarded the title of Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling
1963-1967 – student at the Moscow Textile Institute, Faculty of Applied Arts
1969-1976 – work in the Arts Found of the Ukraine, cities of Voroshilovgrad, Zaporozhye; chief artist of the health-resort zone of the Asov Sea, town of Berdyansk 1973 – the Ukraine State Shevchenko prize winner (as a group member)
1982 – Member of Artist’s Union of the USSR; chief artist of the Chuvash Arts Fund
1991 – invitation to teach at the Chicago Institute of Painting
1992 – first trip to Africa within the program of the Chicago Institute of Painting (Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Senegal)
1993 – numerous creative trips to Africa
1992– personal exhibitions in the Central House of Artist, city of Moscow
1993,1994 – personal exhibitions in the Central House of Artist, city of Moscow
1995 – awarded the title of the Honored Artist of the Chuvash Republic
1995 – accepted to the European Artist’s Association;
1995-1996 – creative trips to Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Chad, the Sudan, Somali, Tanzania)
1996 – creative work in Sweden, Denmark
1997 – creative work in the Kingdom of Nepal, the Himalayas, Tibet
1997 – personal exhibition in Katmandu, the Kingdom of Nepal
1997-2000 – participation in the annual meetings of the ambassadors of African countries, Moscow
1999 – elected Honorary Member to the International Arts Academy “Europe-Asia” within a UNESCO program
2000 – personal exhibition in the House of Friendship, Moscow
2000 – personal exhibition in the residence of the Algerian Ambassador, Moscow
2001 – personal exhibition, Washington, the USA
2002 – personal exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic
2002 – group exhibition, Turkey, Antalya
2003 – 2005 - exhibition in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara - Turkey
2008 - President of the World's Academy of Art “New Era”
2008 – exhibition “Big Volga” in Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia
2009 – personal jubilee exhibition, 70 years, Cheboksary,Russia
2009 – exhibition “Big Volga”, Moscow
2009,2010 – International exhibition of the countries of the Mediterranean in Antalya, Turkey

2006 г. - участник 16 Международной Художественной выставки «Золотая кисть», ЦДХ, г. Москва
2007 г(ноябрь) - учредитель Академии Художеств Мира «Новая Эра»

     Anatoly Silov’s works of art are in 71 countries of the world, 29 of them being exhibited in museums. The sum total of his exhibitions approximates 100, and the number of his paintings and gobelin tapestries is about 900.


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