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Yu Zhixue, artist


As the founder of the Ice and Snow Scenery Painting, Yu Zhixue, a native of Wendeng City, Shandong Province, was born on 31st, January 1935 in Zhaodong County, Heilongjiang Province. He is currently the Honorary President of Heilongjiang Provincial Art Academy, President of the Ice-and-Snow Painting Research Institute, research fellow of Graduate School of the Research Institute of Fine Arts, researcher of School of Education and Training of Renmin University of China, Vice Chairman of Chinese International Research Society of Painting and Calligraphy, Honorary Professor of School of Humanities of Harbin Institute of Technology, Vice-Director of the American International Academy of Biography, researcher of the Cambridge University Academy of Biography, member of the ninth Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the fifth and sixth director of the China Art Association, and member of Chinese Art Creation Institution.

In his fifty years of devotion in art, Mr. Yu Zhixue has been sticking to the belief that “inheritance is not repetition; everything lies in creation” and aiming for “three origins painting”, which emphasizes the heaven, the land and people. He created ice and snow scenery painting, which displayed “cold elegance”, the core of ice and snow aesthetics, with its original artistic language and unique technique. It also has filled the gap of more than one thousand years in traditional Chinese ink and wash painting which cannot express snow and ice directly; it has helped expand the objects of ink and wash painting from only mountains, waters, clouds and trees to mountains, waters, clouds, trees, ice and snow. The characters and sketch he created gives full expression to bookishness of Chinese painting and the spirit of pen and ink, brings out the connotation of contemporary flower-bird works conspicuously, displays the combination of traditional technique and contemporary life and manifests the feature that Chinese paintings advance with the times. In theory of Chinese paintings, Yu Zhixue put forward the aesthetic standard of Chinese paintings: ink has aroma; white has brightness. He created the third aesthetic standard “brightness”, advocated that “Chinese paintings have entered a new traditional times”, and presented some new academic ideas and definitions, such as the new twenty first century aesthetic standard: “wise, penetrating and remote” and “cold culture”.

In 1979, “Saiwai Song” won the third prize in the fifth “National Art Exhibition”.
In 1983, he was listed in the World Who’s Who and was granted a key of Success and a lifelong Honorary Badge by the American International Academy of Biography in 1987.
In 1990, “Yaoguqinghun” won the first prize in the first “American International Art Competition”.
In 1992, “Sending Rice in Snowy Moonlight” won the golden prize in the “Sixtieth Anniversary of Commemoration of September Eighteenth Incident”.
In 1993, he was awarded “Outstanding Achievement Awards” by American Far East Foundation.
In 1995, he was awarded “Academic Awards for Chinese Paintings” by the Research Institute of Fine Arts, National Academy of Arts of China.
In 1997, “Buck Girl” won the third prize in “National Chinese Painting Character Exhibition” by Ministry of Culture.
In 2004, he was awarded “Huang Binghong Academic Prize”.
In 2005, he was awarded Cambodia “Wuge Civilization Prize”.
In 2006, he was awarded the first “Lifetime Achievement Award for Arts” by Heilongjiang Provincial Publicity Office.
In 2009, he was awarded the “Award for Special Contributions to Culture” and “Achievement Award” by Amur Artists Creation Association and Amur State government, Russia.

In addition, the Solo Exhibitions for Yu Zhixue Ice-and-Snow Paintings have been held in America, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, and Thailand. At present, Collections of Yu Zhixue have been published and republished, such as Yu Zhixue Painting Collection, Collected works like Casual Paintings of Snow Garden, Oriental Art--Special Issue for Yu Zhixue, Aesthetic Field--Special Issue for Yu Zhixue, Skills for Ice-and-Snow Paintings, and Teaching and Learning of Ice-and-Snow PaintingsⅠ&Ⅱ. And there have been some monographs about the ice-and-snow paintings by art theorists from China and foreign countries, the Aesthetics of Ice-and-Snow Paintings, Contemporary Chinese Famous Painters--Yu Zhixue, to name only a few.


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